Diamond Body Jewelry – Sparkle and Shine All Over

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and whether they are being displayed from your ears, your bellybutton, your nose, or wherever else you desire, you can have a lot of fun with diamond body jewelry. There are a lot of different kinds of jewelry pieces for a girl (or guy) to invest in. And just because you’re going for diamonds doesn’t mean you can’t remain individual and express yourself uniquely.

Body jewelry has only been “in” for about the last 20 years. And until recently, it’s been seen more as a symbol of the rebellious teenager. Now it’s a trend that a lot of people are participating in body jewelry.

Bellybutton rings are probably the most popular styles of body jewelry, and are one of the best ways to wear this type of jewelry. You can get diamond bellybutton rings in a lot of different sizes, designs and a plethora of colors. With diamond bellybutton rings, each day can you display a different personal expression. This is especially true during the warmer months, when bikinis and short tops can help you display your new body jewelry.

If you’re looking for something that’s very unique and will draw a lot of attention, you should consider belly chains. Belly chains wrap around your belly and are great to show off nice abs – it’ll help give you a great shape and help you look gorgeous as you display your diamonds.

Anklets are another great way to wear diamond body jewelry. This is a good option whether you’re into flip flops, high heels, sandals, or sneakers. Anklets can be personalized in a lot of different ways. Nose rings, tongue rings, eyebrow rings and other facial piercings are great jewelry pieces as well. The diamond will sparkle and shine and make a statement no matter where you choose to wear it.

Diamond body jewelry can make the wrong statement, however, if the quality of the diamond is cheap. Keep in mind that just because a person is an expert on diamonds doesn’t mean they are an expert in body jewelry and vice versa. The major thing to keep in mind about picking your diamond is based entirely on the quality – which can be determined by the cut and the smoothness.

With smoothness, know that a well-polished diamond will have smooth facets. If the diamond (or diamonds) in your jewelry is smooth, regardless of the cut, then it can be considered a quality diamond. Most diamonds in body jewelry will have a traditional cut. To make sure your cut is the sign of a quality diamond, make sure there is some sort of symmetry. Keep in mind that color of a diamond isn’t a good sign of whether your body jewelry is fake or not. Diamonds aren’t always the clear colorless or “white” we all imagine them to be. Diamonds can come in a variety of colors. Pick a color that best matches your skin tone.

Overall, diamond body jewelry is a great way to be versatile, creative and make a statement. They are great accessories for different outfits, different personalities and different looks. Anyone and everyone can have a lot of fun with this kind of jewelry. It’s a great way to make your body sparkle and shine just as much as your personality does.

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