Types of Google AdWords Advertising

This is a listing of the techniques in using Google Adwords. It explains what each option is about, along with some tips and facts about what is involved in using any of them.

Google Search network Buy Google Reviews

Ads can appear on the right hand side or highlighted on the top for keywords you have specified. This can be worth a fortune for the right position and or product on one of the millions of search terms used in a day. To advertise on the search page of the largest search engine in the world opens a world of income possibilities. With only this choice your ads will only show on search pages that are produced by Google.

Search Partners

Search Partners include such corporations as AOL, CompuServe, Netscape, Lycos and AT&T. Combine these with other Google properties such as blogs and a wide variety of participating websites, on practically every conceivable subject, and you get an amazing network of potential customers.

Both the search methods are thought to bring better quality clicks because the people who searched wanted to find what you have and what they were looking for. It is permission marketing at its finest.

Content network

Google also has a content network of its own working with entities like the New York Times, HGTV and The Food Network. The Google content network also includes the massive power of Gmail. It would be a mistake to miss the smaller entities such as people who provide content on small websites. There are millions of these small websites that cover practically every conceivable topic. With all these different opportunities, it can only mean more eyes seeing your ads. With all the options considered, Google covers over 80 % of the internet.

A lot of gurus will suggest that you leave this section out of initial attempts. Personally the content network has made me money, more money than the search functions. I use it a lot with click-per-signup where the end products is usually a free trial offer. The cost per click is generally less and the volume of clicks is generally more.

Placements you have targeted

If you aren’t comfortable with the keyword route, you have another choice. The placement function is relatively new. It offers a new way of advertising using Google. You can hand pick the sites that are most relevant to your ads. As long as the page is part of the Google content network then you can be one of the ads in the “Ads by Google” boxes. Check the page to see if it has any of these boxes. Also check if you think the page is acceptable for your ad. Some aren’t.

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