10 Ways to Set Yourself Up For Success in Creating Your Information Product

As I have created several products over the years, I have learned that knowing HOW to create the product is one thing, but actually getting your idea from a brilliant inspiration on a sticky note to a beautiful product that is serving and selling is a whole other endeavor. It’s one thing to know the specifics about how to create a CD, where to find a graphic artist or a reliable fulfillment company; however, the first step is getting clear about your product and committing to the creation of it.

Here are my favorite 10 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success in Creating Your Information Product

First make sure you are using your passion for maximim efficiency and joy! Choose a product that you are passionate about, one that uses your strengths and natural talents and experience. It’ll be easier that way. Then make sure it meets the passion of your clients – what they dream about or what their painful passion is. The intersection of both your passions is the sweet spot – the product easiest to create using your natural joy energy and one that meets the real needs of your clients.

Yes, even if you are 레플리카쇼핑몰 creating a single CD – do some basic Research and Development. Check out other people’s products. Buy their products, test them out, use them. See what you like and what you don’t like. Ask yourself: What’s missing? What’s my unique way of packaging my product? Don’t copy it….just use it to give yourself some information about how it’s put together, and what you would do differently for your product to stand out.

In the Joyful Business Guide, we provide a Marketing Relationship Building Funnel for you to plan out your products and services to build your business model for the growth of your business. The funnel has a variety of products and services at different price points to meet the different time, money and energy commitment of your clients. Know where your product fits in the funnel. Use your energy and enthusiasm to know where to start – which product to create first. Momentum will create more momentum! Seeing it all mapped out will let you know what you are building toward.

This is a tool that I use all the time to brainstorm and map out each of my projects. Things to include on your map:

* Notes about your outcome – what you want this product to look like, sound like, or feel like. What will be different in your business when this product is selling?

* What do you know about creating this product? This will amp up your energy when you claim what you do know!* What don’t you know about creating your product? It will be such a relief to list what you don’t know YET. Writing it down will allow you to shift your energy from confusion or being stuck to one of attracting the exact information and resources you need.

This is a process we do in my Private Individual Coaching and Coaching Retreats. On big pieces of paper on the wall look at the next year and put sticky notes for each ‘bite-size’ step of your project. Breaking it down helps you get it done. Seeing the whole picture excites you to keep going. You’ll also want to map out beyond the Product Creation to include the Product Launch and the Product Growth phases. Most clients tend to forget about those until they are sitting there with a great new product and no marketing plans to get it out to the world! Talk about clogging up your marketing energy!

You are now shifting your business model into one of creating and marketing products. You need to block out time on your calendar for each of those bite-sized action steps. It’ll never get done if you try to fit it around your current work! Set a deadline for your self and block out creative time. Literally take a PERMANENT MARKER and block out your time for each step!

Play with the sales numbers. What if you sold it for $10, $25, $50? What if you sold 10 a month, 50 a month or 200 a month – what would need to be in place? What would need to be different? These numbers can get you inspired and give you some creative nudges for marketing and packaging your product! I like to play with “good”, “great” and “heaven” numbers! It’s a great way to amp up your energy!

Let’s face it, as we’ve said, you are shifting your business model. It’s a new way of marketing and selling and positioning yourself. It also takes a new type of confidence that you may not have relied on before. A good business attraction coach can help you use your energy for the easiest and most creative path for developing a quality product, while providing resources to make your process shorter and more efficient. Plus, there’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned kick in the behind to keep you taking those steps!

Don’t just put your product out there and that’s the end. Find out what your customers think. What do they like? What don’t they like? What do they wish was different? Send them followup emails, make a few phone calls. I offer a free monthly support teleclass for all my Joyful Business Guide owners. It’s truly a win-win situation. They get ideas, support, and coaching each month and I get to see how they are using the products and hear great inspiring stories!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you start thinking of adding products. It’s tempting to have 100 new product ideas and think you have to do them all. First of all you want some success….some traction to build on. Use your passion and your joy energy and create one product. Learn from it and then see what the next product is.

Dare to create a product that is reflective of your values – professional, fun, creative, beautiful, funny. People want products they can relate to. The market is saturated with boring, and quite frankly, ugly online products (you know, what I’m talking about…those black and white, boring, no graphics, quickly produced for a quick bang ebooks!). They don’t work any more. People have access to many more choices online and offline with the Information Product explosion – so dare to make yours remarkable and memorable and reflective of your authentic and personal style!

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