What Nerf Gun to Choose

 What Nerf Gun to Choose

The Nerf gun has become a very popular kid’s toy with so many designs to look cool, the decision of what one to purchase can be a bit overwhelming. The painted .38 special ammo  designs are very bright, grabbing children’s attention instantly. The company that has made the Nerf gun does have age ranges associated with the different guns available. This should be something looked at by parents as the Nerf guns aimed at older children can be more powerful so not best suited for younger children. The design of the Nerf gun can vary to in the way you shoot it as well as the actual weight of the gun being a consideration take bear in mind.

Another area to think about is where will your children’s gun be used, will it be indoors, the back garden or somewhere else. This should be taken into consideration as some models can shoot up to forty feet in distance so not ideal to be used indoors. There are small guns which are less powerful and have a shorter range so much better suited for the living room or indoors in general. If it’s a rainy day and the kids want to play, they won’t be limited to not having Nerf battles with their new toy.

A very popular option in the Nerf range is the Nerf Maverick, Nerf Raider and Nerf Vulcan which all included a very cool design and slightly different purposes for each gun. If you see a Nerf Maverick, you will see it looks like a revolver so a small gun in a child’s hand. This Nerf gun takes a chamber of 6 foam darts which can be fired in just a few seconds. If you are looking for an indoor gun then this is ideal as the range of the foam darts is around 15 feet.

Other options as mentioned are the Raider and Vulcan which are larger in size and much better suits for older children or a big kid who would love a Nerf gun fight. The Nerf Raider resembles a Tommy Gun which us big kids will most certainly have heard of. The specification of this gun can take up to 35 darts which can then either shoot single shots or the whole magazine in a rapid fire mode.


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