21 Movie Review

The story follows a gathering of MIT math prodigies who make up a shrewd card counting framework with the goal that they can take cash from the numerous gambling clubs in Las Vegas. The film’s primary person is Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) who is a genius with numbers who is going to move on from MIT to seek after a vocation in medication; in any case, he can’t cover the $300,000 for educational expenses. At the point when reached by his teacher Mickey (Kevin Spacey) to join a group of card-counters he is hesitant however he realizes he wants the cash and his desired truth to dazzle pretty young lady Jill (Kate Bosworth) additionally makes a difference.

The group of card counters make week by week visits to Vegas trading out by utilizing their arrangement, but they before long show up on the radar of club security (Lawrence Fishburn) and not all things are plain cruising from hear on out.

This film may not be totally devoted to the book yet on this event I don’t think it harms the film. The card scenes are extremely engaging and furthermore the framework they use to beat the club is exceptionally amusing to watch and the kw: 카지노 사이트 exhibition of all the cast however predominantly Space and Sturgess then you’re onto an engaging film.

Aficionados of Gambling, ‘cutting down the house’ and the ‘Seas’ establishment will partake in this film, and regardless of whether your only inquisitive about this film I would suggest you watch this engaging film. I grant 21 with 3 stars out of 5 basically on the grounds that it is an engaging film yet not considerably more.

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