‘Massage Therapy Success’ Review — Is it an essential Guide For your Massage Business Plan?

This is a review of “Massage Therapy Success”, the product by Amy Roberts designed to help the aspiring massage hypnotherapist wanting to run their own successful therapeutic massage business. Amy’s promise is to educate you on “how to get more clients and keep them coming back for the life time of your massage career”.

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My first comment is that her course is extremely thorough. The entire package comprises 4 instructions, which can be purchased separately but of course you get the best value by getting them as a package. And, truth be told, for anyone set on getting their own massage business off the ground, or getting their existing business growing to another location level, this is ALL essential knowledge.

Here’s a shabby of each book:

Book 1 — Ignite Your 출장마사지 Therapeutic massage Business.

This is the ‘nuts and bolts’, over 100 pages of vital information
Mindset for Success
Creating your business Vision
Be prepared for Success
Marketing Secrets
Providing Exceptional Customer service
Optimizing your time
Book 2 — Marketing Secrets for Massage Experienced counselors
Over 100 pages of the online strategy you could think of to get your therapeutic massage business off to a flying start or take it to another location level. This information can SIGNIFICANTLY increase your clientele when used in combination with Amy’s marketing techniques. Includes information on:

All kinds of networking and advertising
Brochures, flyers, leaflets
Newspaper advertising and editorials
Telephone marketing
Internet marketing
Massage business cards
Word of mouth and testimonials
Shows and displays
And much more
Book 3 — How to Write Advertising for your Therapeutic massage Business
This is like ‘Part Two’ of Marketing Secrets for Massage Experienced counselors. This book demonstrates how to improve all you could learned from the last book, and to significantly increase the results from all your marketing efforts. VERY powerful stuff.

I was very impressed with the depth of this information. Close to another 100 pages.

Book 4 — Understanding your Client

Let’s face it, when you have your own successful therapeutic massage business you are not just in the massage business, even more so you are in the ‘relationship’ business. This is a recurring theme in Amy’s teaching.

Building relationships with your clients leads to repeat business, referred business and increased business. To do this successfully you must understand your client, it is a foundational building block to your business, and Amy has a real gift when getting that across and showing you exactly how to do it.

Extremely valuable information. Close to another 100 pages.


I have read other resources that don’t cover a fraction of what Amy covers in her books in this package. I have to say I think she’s done an exceptional job and her expertise really stands out through, so i would definitely describe Therapeutic massage Success as an essential part of any budding entrepreneurs Massage Business Plan.

If you are set on taking your therapeutic massage business to another location level Almost certainly Amy’s information will be a massive help for you to take it there. I know if i had this information when i was starting out it would have saved me many many months of struggling and frustration.

Of course it all includes a 60 day cash back guarantee which is nice to know too. Exceptional value, two thumbs up from me.

Arthur Bakeright is a qualified massage hypnotherapist and passionate traveler. He now writes extensively on both massage and travel.

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